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3 Reasons Millennials Aren’t Buying Houses and How Real Estate Investors are Cashing In on the Trend

Now that the election has passed the media, pundits, insiders and outsiders will sift through all the data looking for reasons to explain the results. Equities markets reacted negatively to Donald Trump’s victory, but within 24 hours nearly all the losses were recovered. Bank and drug maker stocks especially surged on the news. It’s projected by national analysts like RealtyTrac, and housing pu...
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Determining Market Rent for Your Investment Property

There are numerous resources available to real estate professionals and investors that can estimate the market value of a property. I use the Milwaukee Metro MLS daily to determine the bottom and high end for our current inventory of single-family and multi-family homes. I also use it to do comparative market analysis on properties we’re considering purchasing. In addition, inside the MLS syste...
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Buying Rental Property and Controlling the Tenant Experience

buying rental property
I’m obsessed with everything Apple. I own a MacBook Pro laptop, an iPhone, iPad and two Apple TV boxes. The family desktop computer is an iMac. My daughters both have iPad minis. My wife also has an iPhone and iPad. It’s not just Apple's intuitive design and ease of use that I love. What I appreciate most is the look and feel of their devices. They’re perfect. Last week I finished reading th...
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The Floor Plan: When Buying Rental Property Should You Care About It?

It was a deal killer. I knew it as soon as I walked through the front door. On paper, the charming single-family house in West Allis met our location and purchase price requirements. The remodeling needed was significant, but certainly not costly enough to scare us away. Unfortunately, there was virtually no living space and no way to expand what little there was inside the home. When we...
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